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😍😍😍 bath treats!
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Building a network of cooperative partnerships
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Promoting Kingman from LA to Cuba
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Small business owners with passion and vision are transforming the city's historic business district. Jessica Deihl Savon Bath Treats
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Promoting Kingman to the world. Rickety Cricket Brewing
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Anna Fox Ryan
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Some of you may not be familiar with me. Hi! My name is Anna, and I'm the new director here at ArtHub. I joined Jim Hinkley's America this morning to share about our upcoming projects! It was a good show. I share at -16:00 min, and -4:25 and a little bit in between.

For those of you who live in Kingman, we want to hear from you in our next project, "Drawing a Map to Kingman 2028"! Visit the events page on to make your voice heard! Anna Fox Ryan
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The Future of Route 66 Travel is Here Today - the free newsletter from Jim Hinckley's America 😃 - Leah Burkhart
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Join the adventure, follow Jim Hinckley's America
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The second European Route 66 Festival in Zlin, Czech Republic provided the City of Kingman with an array of promotional and marketing opportunities that will have long term benefits. Representation at the event was part of the city's increasing development of Route 66 promotion that commenced in earnest with the hosting of the Route 66 International Festival in 2014. Jamie Scott Stehly Kingman City Council Travis Lingenfelter Jen Miles Ron Foggin Steve LeSueur Steve Wagner Grand Canyon Caverns & Inn Leah Burkhart
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MyMarketing Designs, with satisfied clients from Maine to California is more than just a one stop shop for a complete marketing package (from business card design and website development to linked social media, blog writing service, and video content). The company is also actively involved in community development and marketing projects including the launch of Promote Kingman. Their latest endeavor, provides businesses with a unique advertising opportunity that also serves to promote the city of Kingman as a destination. Working with author Jim HInckley, this initiative was recently promoted at the second European Route 66 Festival. The owner, Steve LeSueur, serves on the City of Kingman Economic Development Advisory Commission and is on the board of directors with the Bullhead City Chamber of Commerce.
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Jim Hinckley's participation in the event, and related meetings in Europe was made possible through the support of Scott Dunton Sr.'s Route 66 Association of Kingman, Jim Flynn of Kingman Chevrolet - Buick, the City of Kingman, the City of Cuba, Gilligans - Route 66 Tours of New Zealand, and motel owners in Tucumcari, New Mexico It was also made possible by supporters of the crowdfunding initiative on the Patreon platform including Sarah Elizabeth of Southwest Trading Co., Leah Burkhart of Gracie's Vintage and Cactus Kitsch, Kari Jo Hill of 66 Auto Sales, Grand Canyon Caverns, and Victoria Marie Todd of Victoria's Sugar Shack. Hinkcley is currently soliciting sponsors and support of the crowdfunding initiative for a fall Route 66 tour that will include a presentation at the prestigious Miles of Possibility Conference, meetings with tourism and economic development directors in Route 66 communities, and promotion of the new initiative being developed by MyMarketing Designs. While in attendance of the conference, Hinckley will also participate in a tourism development workshop. "Tourism industry staff and Route 66 business owners may opt for the Friday one-day “Essentials of Route 66 Tourism.” Enjoy the welcome breakfast and tourism-focused keynote, followed the rest of the day by the Tourism Track--high-level, detailed coverage of the key issues, strategies, challenges, tools, practical solutions, and opportunities facing Route 66 municipalities, counties, and businesses. Learning won't stop with the last Friday session; attendees of "Essentials of Route 66 Tourism” will take home with them a special resource package." To support the crowdfunding initiative -
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