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19th of March 2018 08:16 PM Link
From Stockton Hill Road to Beale Street and Northern Avenue there is ample evidence that Kingman is on the cusp of some dramatic and exciting changes. Neon is again lighting the night in the historic business district and along the Route 66 corridor, and young entrepreneurs with vision are organizing events that foster development of a sense of community such as First Friday, and are opening businesses like The Farmhouse, Southwest Trading Company, and Black Bridge Brewery Well established businesses such as the Gold Doctor, and new businesses like Victoria's Sugar Shack and Stuff It Burger, are fueling a new era of growth on Northern Avenue. [ 337 more words ]
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5 Oranges on Day 5 of the Vitamin C Challenge from local vitamin retailer. #PromoteKingmanBusinesses
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New retailers coming to Stockton Hill Rd. #PromoteKingman #TheBee
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19th of March 2018 01:45 PM
Coming Soon
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Sarah Elizabeth, thank you!
17th of March 2018 09:32 PM Link
From our trip to Victoria's Sugar Shack yesterday morning. Delish!🍀🍩🍪🍰
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You could be a winner!
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Did you know?
The Bee
To and fro the only Bar that will pay your way there and back. 920-NODUI4U -Kingman residents #TheBee
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Stay safe Kingman. We’ve got a few local taxi companies and Uber for those partying and shouldn’t drive. If you need a number for a taxi company message us or just google “Kingman Taxis”
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Small local business supporting other small businesses ❤️
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This event is going to rock! 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 Plans this weekend?
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15th of March 2018 11:14 PM Link
Your Schedule, Your Budget, Your Route 66 Adventure 😀 -
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Tomorrow morning, Jim Hinckley’s America Adventurers Club live from Victoria’s Sugar Shack. Tune in or stop by.
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Day four from our local vitamin maker. Check this out!

Be sure to check out the other days of challenges at
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KPD Press Release
13th of March 2018 12:41 PM Link
How can this building be repurposed?
12th of March 2018 07:14 PM Link
The Right C goes green ⛳🚌💵🇮🇹️🥦💚🙆‍♂️🍀🍀
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If you haven’t liked or followed this amazing little shop on Facebook we encourage you to! They do so much for the community for being a small business show your support as they do for us.