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5th of July 2019 04:48 AM Link
Check out these Fireworks!!
2nd of July 2019 08:32 PM Link
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30th of June 2019 02:18 AM Link
#KingmanDerby ~ Hat of the evening! 🏇🏻🤠
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Get your bets in! Supporting a great Chamber of Commerce. Kingman AZ Area Chamber of Commerce
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The last day to register is Sunday. If you're planning to sign up, we recommend getting started right away.

If your business is located in historic downtown, you don't want to miss this opportunity to be featured on the new Downtown Map. Please contact us with questions at kingmanmainstreet@gmail.com.

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27th of June 2019 07:59 PM Link
Who’s the lucky winner Kingman!?
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26th of June 2019 06:53 PM Link
#DidYouKnow that you can buy from over 50 fragrances of incense in downtown Kingman? Not just soap and bath bombs 🙂
#IncenseIsGoodForTheSpirit #SavonBathTreats
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25th of June 2019 10:24 PM Link
#PowerOutage around Beale Street at 2:42-3:04 has been restored. We’re unsure of the cause but will update once available.
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25th of June 2019 05:54 PM Link
#What~ Join the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce in support of Economic Development in Kingman's Stick Pony Derby Races!
#When~ Saturday, June 29th at 6:00 pm
#Where~ Anderson Ford Arena at the Mohave County Fairgrounds, 2600 Fairgrounds Blvd.

Register here: http://www.kingmanchamber.com/events/details/kingman-s-stick-pony-derby-6491
Kingman AZ Area Chamber of Commerce
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21st of June 2019 05:27 PM Link
Readers Digest #1
Thanks for the share Savon Bath Treats
19th of June 2019 03:00 PM Link
#DairyQueen has got its windows in and the last few weeks of finishing touches being done. Who's ready for chicken baskets and fudge brownie sundaes!?
#PromoteKingman / www.KingmanTourism.com
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18th of June 2019 03:19 PM Link
We couldn't agree more! Keep on #PromotingKingman
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13th of June 2019 01:25 PM Link

In communities large and small young entrepreneurs are transforming once moribund historic districts into thriving, vibrant centers of commerce. They are breathing new life into the historic hearts of small town America, and they are doing it with passion, vision, and enthusiasm.

Savon Bath Treats was the first step. Located on the corner of Fifth and Beale Streets, this charming little store with its whimsical mural that has become a favored photo op stop for travelers, the Garlic Clove, and Beale Street Brews Coffee Shop became the anchor for the east end of a renaissance that is sweeping through the old business district.

Check out the full story https://www.savonbathtreats.com/2019/05/19/young-entrepreneurs/ #PromoteKingman / #KingmanTourism
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13th of June 2019 05:46 AM Link
Beautful restoration of historic hotel on Route 66. I wonder if Kingman has any worthy of such an undertaking. Hotel Brunswick

Www.66Kingman.com / Mr. Affeldt? Castaneda Hotel
9th of June 2019 09:44 PM Link
Hey Kingman, here's a new organization making a huge difference in our community. Head over and like their page and follow the progress.
9th of June 2019 09:40 PM Link
An amazing new venture for Kingman! Hats off to these fine folks for making this happen.
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9th of June 2019 09:32 PM Link
Exiting news from Needles, CA on #route66
8th of June 2019 06:55 PM Link
Check out Metcalf Park today! #MohavePrideFestival
7th of June 2019 05:34 PM Link
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