Jim Hinckley’s America | Trek Along Route 66


Check out this great Route 66 series.

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Jim Hinckley, author and historian, takes around the area sharing the history of the area and the adventure that is in store for the visitors. Promote Kingman and myMarketing Designs LLC produced these episodes and are excited where the next video will take us.

If you want to pick these up in person this DVD is also at your local retailers listed below:

  • Southwest Trading Co | Beale Street, Kingman AZ
  • Rutherford’s Family Diner | Route 66, Kingman AZ
  • Calicos Restaurant | Beale Street, Kingman AZ
  • Ramada | Route 66, Kingman AZ
  • Auto Books/Aero-Books | Burbank California
  • Barstow Route 66 Mother Road Museum | Barstow, AZ
  • Grand Canyon Caverns | Route 66, Peach Springs, AZ
  • Antares Point Route 66 Visitors Center | Kingman, AZ

Episode 1 Trailer

Episode 2 Trailer

NOTICE:These DVD has been published in the newest video Codec available. In the event that this disk does not play in your DVD player please contact us for assistance.

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Episode 1, Episode 2, Both Episodes


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